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Our Story:

~Giving you the wings you need.~

Backyard Equine & More started with a simple desire of wanting equine equipment for our horses to learn on. After shopping around and seeing how expensive jumps, cavalettis, and trail equipment can be our Mom (Kimberley Martin), founder of Backyard Equine & More decided to surprise us and build some beautiful, handmade equine equipment. She decided she loved making them so much she decided to turn it into a business where other equine families can enjoy beautifully, handmade equipment at a much lower rate than anywhere else!

About the Owners:

Backyard Equine & More is a women-owned and run business! It is co-owned by Kimberley Martin and Meghan Martin.  We do all the building and artwork ourselves!  Kimberley Martin is the founder of the business and specializes in the building process and utimately decides how things will be constructed.  Meghan specializes in the artwork and design of the jump.

Our Family:

Our family consists of four loving horse girls starting with our Mom, who gave her three daughters the opportunity from a young age to love horses.  From then on, our family has had many experiences showing both in Western and English events. From 3 Day Eventing to Ranch horse, you name it, we have experience in it. All three daughters have been involved and shown horses in our local 4H.  But, most of all, we are a family who love and cherish our time with our beautiful horses.  Backyard Equine & More isn't just a business to us, it's a passion that stemmed from our most beloved passion of all: Horses.

Pastel Jump.JPG

Jessica: "The absolute best experience and most adorable jumps a girl could have ever asked for. Kind. Professional. Creative! Highly recommend!"

Watermelon Jump.JPG


Pink and Black Recommendation.JPG

Andrea: "Love my new jumps!! Price and quality are great! And the order was filled promptly and professionally. We picked up our jumps ourselves and I was impressed to see each pole was bubbles wrapped for the trip! Can’t wait to buy more jumps!"

Cecile: "Couldn’t say enough how happy I am with my jumps . They are GORGEOUS and well made. Well painted, well built , light enough to carry, but heavy enough for the horses to respect them. Backyard equine and more was so easy to communicate with, and willing to customize my planks. They delivered them to me and each pole was meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap . Talk about details and caring about their work! Thank you ! Will definitely be a repeat customer !"

Tracy: "Wonderful customer service, super friendly and particular about their work. The jumps are gorgeous and lightweight so when you need to move them around, it’s easy to do so. They also do custom colors... SO fun! I highly recommend you check them out😊"

SB Farms: "beautiful jumps! high quality work, done with customer in mind"

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