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Why Our Products

At Backyard Equine and more we pride ourself on providing quality, long-lasting products. Prices reflect that quality that you can't find anywhere else.  Our goal is to give you the BEST quality equipment while also giving you a good price. We believe in our products and use them ourselves in our own arena, with our own horses!

Why wood?

You may be wondering why your money is best spent on purchasing wood jumps for your farm.  We truly believe the pros of having wood jumps/poles fully outweighs any cons. 

1. Wood jumps can be REPAIRED! Yes, overtime wood will show wear and tear, but they can easily be refurbed for a portion of the price you would pay to get all new jumps! Once vinyl jumps break, they can't be repaired and you are looking at buying all new jumps.

2. Wood jumps are SAFER for your horse! Wood poles are not going to break and shatter causing sharp edges like vinyl jumps do. Wood poles also provide enough weight to not fall as easily when a horse lightly knocks a poles and they provide enough of a sting after a knock to teach your horse to pick their feet up the next time! It's imperative for safety that your horse learns to not run through jumps! Your horse will not respect the lightweight vinyl jumps.

3. Wood jumps tend to be CHEAPER than vinyl jumps! You can spend lots of money  cheap-to-make plastic jumps that will eventually break and not be respected by your horse, in the long run putting your horse and you, as the rider, at risk of big falls.  Vinyl is NOT worth the financial investment, especially considering the other drawbacks!

Poles: Our poles are made from Douglas Fir wood.  We use Douglas Fir wood so that our poles will stay straight.  Other types of wood tend to warp over time leaving you with a bent pole.  We also use wood instead of PVC pipes or vinyl which can be dangerous due to being easily knocked off and shattering when landed on by your horse. Poles are cut, sanded down, primed and then coated with oil based enamel paint. This ensures that weather will not effect the longevity of your poles.


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